Ms Zoe I want to write my letters.

Several children have expressed an interest in writing books. They said they need to learn to write letters. The children have focused on this objective and I notice as children make their daily schedule they  include handwriting.

We have been focusing on two aspects of ‘letters’, the correct formation  and the sound the letter can make.  This week the children moved from whiteboard practice to an iPad. I thought this would be of interest to the children. As we reflected on the session the children said this app was the same as paper but it helped them do the letter formation the right way. This reflects the point that whilst practice apps may have some use they are not developing critical thinking skills. Ironically five year olds seem to understand this better than app developers!

Our focus on the sound a letter makes led us to an interesting discovery. As the children brain-stormed a list of words that have the ‘c’ sound in them they became aware of many groups of ‘c’ sounds that needed sorting out. A wonderful authentic link to our Maths unit on patterning, sorting and classifying.

Here is the ‘c’ ‘k’ ‘ck’ from our poster


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