Sorting using our buddies bodies!

The Grade four buddy time was spent representing our understanding of sorting through  sets of people. The photopeach below shows some of  the ways the children choose to sort people. It was an interesting process, the sets started off being very simple i.e. hair colour and ended up being very complex and included “What do you think of Wayne Rooney?”

Our time with the buddies is a valuable learning time  for both classes. The children learn to work together and bring their understandings of a subject to new levels. Teaching others challenges children tothink and find ways to communicate with others.

So can you guess the criteria the children choose to sort by… here are some clues

    • Age
    • Hair colour
    • Skin tone
    • Eye colour
    • What you are wearing on your feet
    • Grade level
    • What is your opinion of Wayne Rooney.
    • How much skin are you showing.

Buddy body sorting! on PhotoPeach . You can see their post here.

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