KIndergarten document their learning- Our post By KP

Children’s self-documentation can be shared, revisited and reflected upon, using the blog.  Ray says, “We used the iTouch to take pictures and videos to save [on the blog]. When you get to be a grown up you forget what you did last year.” Yesterday the children decided to take photographs to remember their models,  keep them safe and show what they had achieved. Ray took pictures of people who make the model so he could represent his collaborators and  credit his team.

Ray asked that these images be placed on the blog.

The children are beginning to:

  •  document their own learning
  • share their learning
  • verbalise their thinking
  • share what is important to them
  • express their creativity

This video represents how the children used the iTouch in August and September. Ray helped edit the photographs. To begin with the children liked to record themselves and watch the video. Now they want to share their documentation with others.


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