iPads and redefining how we create in Kindergarten.

Ruby suggested the children make 3D models of  the moon as part of an inquiry into moon viewing. The children researched in books and used a moon iPad app Ms. Tasha found. The children then transferred their research into three dimensional models.

I suggested the children took photographs of the models and import them into the app, drawing pad. The children then re-sized the photographs and edited out the background colour and created another art piece. This new work was exported to Twitter and could then  onto  the blog, thus opening their work to a potential global audience.

Possible without technology?

One thought on “iPads and redefining how we create in Kindergarten.

  1. Hello Kindergarten!

    My name is Ms O’Dwyer. I’m a Grade 4 teacher in China. I found your blog because I’m at a big meeting with your teachers in Beijing.

    Congratulations on your FANTASTIC moons! Wow! I love the way you showed your learning. Your moons look so cool on backgrounds with rockets and stars!

    Would you like to visit the moon? I wonder what it would feel like to walk on the surface?

    I will be following your blog. I hope you will teach me even more about ipads.

    From a far away teacher-friend,

    Ms O’Dwyer


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