Dance Skype! When Five year olds choose what to share over skype.

KinderPris. By Ben Sheridan

This was our third skype session with KinderPris. The first session was a teacher directed meet and greet followed by a child directed element where children shared their patterns. Session two was a small group skype session where Shoma shared a book in Japanese and the other children chatted and shared books. At the end of session two, the children from KinderPris wanted to share a dance, ‘Gangnam style’. KP knew about this song from an assembly and listening to it at home. They were fired with enthusiasm, a genuine child initiated  connection had been made. The children started to shout out, “We want to… went want  dance skype next time.”


Session three was a roaring success as we saw the children take increasing control of the skype session. KP shared Mama Mia and then both classes danced to Gangnam style. As Ben prepared another song, the children took the iPad and started spontaneous interactions with each other. We watched KinderPris dance and then the children insisted on dancing to Gangnam style once again. Every child in the class was up and dancing.

Frederique suggested book/dance skype as a possibility for session four. This would mean sharing a book and then dancing. Everyone thought about this and decided to have another dance skype session. Frederique couldn’t stop smiling, she said this is what she really wanted to!

Ben and I see this year long collaboration as an opportunity to consider carefully the relationships young children could form using technology. We will keep you posted. Please could you tell us if your children talk about this collaboration at home.

KP’s dance skype video. We wanted to draw on this spontaneous and child-directed moment, but will be creating a musical menu by children and teachers, where we can access content, lyrics. More on this in another post.

KinderPris’s dance skype video.

What next?

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