We wrote it so you could see it in your head.

We have been reading high quality literature that contains rich vocabulary and detailed descriptions. We took a week to read “A chair for mother” By Vera B Williams. We poured over every description, stopping to marvel at her words, closing our eyes to see if the words created images in our minds.

Then our chance came… down came to snow, lots and lots of snow. The children went outside and came back to report on the snow. Other children opened the door to watch our world change around us. I asked the children to describe what they saw, marveled at their descriptions and invited them to turn their visual delight into images others could access.

Over the next two days the children wrote this piece as I scribed for them. They were delighted by how much they had written. They kept saying, “Read it again, start again… read the bit again about when the snow started.”

We would like to share the piece with you and hope our words create images in your mind.

There was a cold winter rain. The rain was freezing cold like ice. It felt icy in our hair. The rain seemed to turn off and there was a little hail.The hail was like ice falling form the sky. It started to snow. The snow flakes got smaller and smaller and smaller. They seemed to shut up and disappear.

The snow began to stay on the ground. It looked like a cloud. It felt like we were walking on clouds, crunch-crunch-crunch. Outside it became white and the snow got thicker. The world was like a marshmallow.

By KP © 2013

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