Thank you Fotobabble- why we talk to software developers.

Fotobabble is a powerful tool in the hands of young children allowing them to take a picture and record an audio message. ‘Babbles’ can also be shared to Twitter and then onto a blog. Fotobabble enables children to document their own thinking, learning and interests.

The children realised their ‘babbles’ were not going to Twitter from the iPhone app (which we are using on our iTouch and iPads). We tried to work out the problem in school but had no luck. We contacted Stonia at Fotobabble. She replied straight away, agreed there was an issue and sent it to the development team. As a result the app has been updated.

Thank you Fotobabble

We discussed how we could say thank you to Fotobabble.

Sofie: We can design for them and draw.

Ruby: Yes let’s send it to them. We need to email them and ask them.

Sofie: Yes like when Kingfisher class sent us the thing. (Runs over to book case and pulls out a plastic folder of points to the envelope).

Ruby:Let’s Skype them.

Hana: They are too far away.

Feng: We can shout to them.

Hana and Ruby: No!

Ruby: Email them so we know we know where to send it. We can take pictures and send it.

Ray: Blog. Put it on the blog. We can put them there.

We have agreed to create pictures and thank you notes to be sent by mail and make a Fotobabble thank you for the blog.

Thank you Fotobabble in all the languages we speak.

Stonia from Fotobabble replied to us. She put some of the  children’s pictures and letters put onto their face book page.











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