Possibilities with wire, a medium for creative expression.

In September, a  group of children began exploring wire as a medium for creative expression. Initial representations such as fishing rods and dog leads were literal representations of known objects. These pieces were  held together with sticky tape and were often created from straight pieces of wire.

As time and skills progressed the children manipulated the wire with increased skill and complexity of design. Crowns  became  popular creations, held together by twisting and contorting the wire.  Increasingly complex creations of connected chains of wire were being worn by the children. Bracelets that attached at the wrist and thumb were designed exclusively by the boys.

The number of children who choose to interact with wire grew. We noted these trends in design were often initiated by Ruby and Naoimh. The sculptures were becoming increasingly abstract in their nature. Ruby created a ball/bowl, she noted, “It’s a bowl but you can’t put cereal in it”. Ruby and Naoimh spent time rolling their wire balls downstairs and delighted in the different sounds they made. We wondered whether these sculptures would inspire other children.

Other children were drawn to the wire and started to create their own spherical sculptures. Cindy enshrined her wire sphere in red wool and made a separate small ball, entitling the piece, “Mummy and baby.” Sofie and Julie created balls and revisited their sculptures, adding a pink layer of wire the their spheres.

The pieces were so beautiful Ruby and I decided to create a display. We considered the best colours to display the pieces on. Mirrors were thoughtfully added behind sculptures to add a  new dimension. Ruby pondered our display and observed, “It beautiful… but it would be more beautiful with flowers”. She placed plants into the display. We agreed, it had increased the beauty of the display.

Possibilities with wire on PhotoPeach

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