When children notice signs of spring.

The children have noted the changes in weather. They came in from recess with sweat running down their faces, “I am boiling.” Allen said.  Other children started to talk about the cherry blossom they had seen with their families. Naoimh drew a picture of a tree in transition from blossom to leaves.



We decided to go to the park to explore these changes. On the first day we had intended the children to sketch but they were inspired to observe the natural world and explore the space of the park. Some children decided to sketch and were delighted to share how they had accurately captured the scene. “Look… look, take a picture, mine is the same as it… see I have the circle on the end.” Sofie noted. ” See mine, it is beautiful, see I have the water and you can see the same thing.” Allen exclaimed.

On day two we set out for the park and told the children it was time to look for signs of spring. We asked the children to look carefully and sketch accurately what they saw. The children choose where they wanted to sit and started to sketch. “Is beautiful, Japan, tree.” Said Cindy looking at the cherry blossom tree. Her expression captured the sheer delight of seeing these magnificent trees.

Some children choose to sit on rocks and watch the water, some children threw leaves into the water and watched them race to the pond. “Woooo look so fast… where go?” Suwon wondered.  Alex noted, “See these, insects eat them. I drew them,” As he looked at some purple flowers. The children found a toad and screamed with delight and terror. Some children thought it was poisonous and others declared that is was OK to touch it. I proposed the question, would you like people screaming and poking you? The general consensus was this maybe OK… but maybe not.

Please share this experience with us through our photographs.

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2 thoughts on “When children notice signs of spring.

  1. Dear KP
    Thanks for the marvelous video. We too are learning about Spring. We are learning about how living things change. When we went to the park we didn’t see the cherry blossoms but saw white and pink blossoms. We have tadpoles in the classroom. They are changing. Do you have tadpoles? If yes, can we come see them? You can come up to 1R and see our tadpoles but please don’t knock the tank. We can teach you about the Life Cycle of a Frog. Come to 1R and Mrs. Robidoux’s name is on the door.
    From 1R

  2. Thank you for your message. We don’t really have tadpoles. We are going to Mrs Saito’s class to see the tadpoles.

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