Student iniated use of iPad technology in Kindergarten.

I have noticed the children using the iPads during their free inquiry time as tools for creativity, scaffolding spoken English skills  and developing new uses for the iPad.  Whilst the children have had teacher directed time to explore these apps these examples are child initiated.

Creativity, Ruby and Naoimh drew on their experiences from ELC, where they used Auroflux to make music for mermaids. The girls have created many wire sculptures and wanted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their pieces by adding music.

Drawing on connections, Suwon made pictures using drawing pad and decided to share the images with out Twitter buddy class in Indonesia. This was one of the first times the children had spontaneously chosen to communicate with the other class.

A safe place to explore language, Jiwon, Shoma and Suwon took the iPad to a quiet corner and made a puppet Pal show. They choose to record the show in English. Puppet pals gave them a safe environment for practicing spoken English and the ability to hear their voices. They reflected on the recording, noted changes to be made, and delighted in hearing their voices.

Mirroring ideas, The children worked out that more than 1 iPad at a time  can mirror onto the projector. Ray and Ruby combined their creative activities. Ray manipulated his 3D dinosaur and Ruby composed music for it.

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