What’s your super power?

At the beginning of the year I applied one of my super powers. I cleaned out and reorganized the Kindergarten resource area. During this process I found huge pieces of cloth. When Audrey and I had a planning meeting we discussed  possible ways the fabric could engage the children. We wondered if the fabric could offer a provocation or connection to our year long unit about learning journeys. We decided to cut the fabric into unified pieces, about the size of the children.

I placed two pieces of fabric on the carpet in the morning and observed the children’s responses to them.

Elly Grace: What are they for?

Ophelia: Yeah, what can we do with them?

Takafumi picks up a piece of fabric, holds it length ways.

Henry: It’s a cape. I know… it’s a cape!

Zoe places all the fabric on the floor. All the children take a piece and attempt to tie it round their necks.

Ophelia: I’m a super hero.

Henry: I’m [???]

Zoe: would you be interested in designing super hero, super power capes?

YES unanimous response.

This is the design process. I will continue this post after the capes are completed and share the children’s super powers with you. The children quickly identified things they were good at and offered ideas for friends. This is an authentic link to our year long unit of inquiry into personal learning journeys.

5 thoughts on “What’s your super power?

  1. The capes are looking wonderful KP! Lots of concentration on the faces and they are all so unique and creative! Elly-Grace tells me that her super-power is cleaning!! Now THAT is a power I can find some uses for :-)…keep up the good work KP. (Elly-Grace’s mum)

  2. Hello Ms. Page and KP students,

    Oh yes, I just KNEW that you have super powers! When I walk by your classroom, I can see how busy you are and how much fun you are having in kindergarten. Sometimes, I wish I were in YOUR class!

    I’m enjoying getting to know you all, and I really am amazed at how responsible you already are in art class: you are attentive listeners, you enjoy participating in our discussions, you work on your projects with good concentration, you know how to find and put away materials and tools by yourselves, and you are able to share your ideas with me and with one another. Wonderful!

    I just thought that I would mention that I’ve posted some information and photos on my blog about you and the artwork you have been doing in our art classes.
    Here it is if you’d like to have a look:

    Maybe I will show you my own super powers one day. See you soon!
    Mr. Reed

  3. Elly Grace says, I love you mummy and thank you for the message. XOXO

    Mr Reed That was a nice message. What is your super power Mr Reed? We think it is art.

  4. Hmmm, maybe you will discover my Super Power, KP students — just as I hope to discover yours! See you laters (alligators), Mr. Reed

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