Otsukimi, moon viewing.

Otsukimi (moon viewing) is celebrated in Japan to honour the autumn moon. The children decided to research the moon, but how would we do this?  We went to the library and got lots of non-fiction books about the moon. The children choose to focus on information texts rather than story books. We explored Goggle Moon, as some of the children suggested “goggling it”. We also used a free app called moon globe, to explore the moon’s surface. The children made clay sculptures of the moon,  using their  research. These are displayed in the class if you would like to come and see them.

Ms. Yuri has focused  on traditional Japanese stories, such as the moon princess. She made  cross cultural links as she explored what people see in the moon. For instance Japanese people say there is a rabbit in the moon. In England we think we see a man in the moon.

To celebrate Otsukimi the children made traditional Japanese sweets called O’Dango.

Making odango on PhotoPeach

2 thoughts on “Otsukimi, moon viewing.

  1. Making O’Dango looks like it was a lot of fun, getting your hands nice and dirty!! I hope you didn’t make too much mess.

    Amelia made it to Sankeien Gardens to see the harvest moon on Saturday and the beautiful Japanese buildings all lit up at night.

    I love that you learned about the moon and I can’t wait to see your sculptures.

  2. Thank you for the comment. We used Google moon to look at the moon an we looked at some books we found in the library.

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