Documenting our continuing learning journey through PE.

Ms. Buehler invited the children to explore the entire Kindergarten PE curriculum in one session! This was one of the  provocations for our year long Unit of Inquiry, (“Personal journeys show the way that people change and can lead to new opportunities.”). Ms Buehler documented the children’s explorations through a set of photographs in her PE  blog post.

The children discussed these images in class using the visible thinking routine, “see, think, wonder”.  The children will be invited to reflect on their personal learning journey, as they work on each new unit in PE.  Ms Buehler will encourage the children to note connections between old and new skills and attitudes.

What the children said,
Hitting the ball.
Throwing beanbags.
Jumping with a rope.
Skipping around.
Running in and out.
Like hop-scotch.
Jumping up/ off the mat.
Jump down, jump down.
Looking at the time.
Playing hockey.
Playing goal.


PE is the best thing.

I am not good at gymnastics.

I thought I would be good at goal.

It was hard to [put into the hoops].

We take turns. I felt good.

It was fun. I can throw.



Am I going to get better at catch?

Will I get better at throwing?

Will I play free-icicle?

Will we play soccer?

Will we do things we like?

Will I learn to skip?

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