e-learning typhoon Wipha Wednesday 16th October, 2013

Image from Washington post

We have been very unfortunate this typhoon season. It is sad not to be at school, but we can still learn with each other.






Mathematicians you could…

  • get some shoes from the shoe closet and sort them, you can take a picture to share with us or draw how you sorted the shoes. (If you find any wellington boots which are too small can you ask your grownups if we can have them for our Kindergarten outdoor area.)
  • make a complicated pattern and then draw or take a picture of it.
  • practice your numbers by writing on your grownups back and seeing if they can guess the number.

Authors you could…

  • read your book with your grownup and learn from other authors.
  •  listen to this great book by Robert Munsch called Mud Puddle
  • watch the video of the potato digging and draw a picture of your favorite part of the filed trip. Authors please can you write down any letters you know add to your writing.

Dancers and movers…
I know you love Despicable Me, so here is something to move to!

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