Our friend the park

The children from the ELC had a year long relationship with the park, where they explored and expressed their ideas about this space. It was wonderful to see the children reengage with the park and reestablish their special connection. We want this connection to continue in Kindergarten, and as teachers we believe this is an important learning environment. This is what the children said about going to the park.

Henry: I like it in the park because I have never been behind the trees before. It was my first time.

Kai: I can go backs and I like to do that.

Takafumi: The park was good because I never go to the park before. The park was fun because there was a lot of kind of plants.

Ophelia: I thought you meant the park near ELC. So I found new stuff and there is a nice globe.

Elly-Grace: I found out that the grass was big and the sign for no dogs is back.

Amelia: I finded out that there was long, long, long grass.

Mika: Flowers. The grass. We take the grass and the flower.

Elly-Grace Only take the dead flowers or the ones on the floor.

Mari: Clover. First grass , clover.

Look closely… a friend came back from the park with us on Takafumi’s shoulder!

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