Children describe Google Earth as a tool for exploring reading and writing.

We have placed a world map outside the class and all the kindergarten children have indicated which counties they come from. Inside the class we have a map to show where are Twitter buddies come from. The children also ask to see the world map on their class blog, this shows where in the world the class blog has been viewed.
We have used the  Peter’s map outside the classroom and a south north perspective map in the corridor, we want to children to be exposed to different perspectives of mapping. Google Earth offers another perspective of mapping. The children used our iPads to facilitate their learning. We also used a mirroring device, this enables the children to show their iPad screen on our class projector. This makes sharing very powerful and easy.
This video shows the children’s engagement with Google earth. You will observe children typing into the search box and reading words on a map and transferring this to Google earth. You will also see children teaching each other how to do this.
These are the children’s reflections on using Google Earth.
Takafumi: You can find place
Amelia: You can find school Just type in YIS and it takes you to it.
Henry: It helps you to read and write, cause you have to put in the letters and read them.

Elly-Grace: If you don’t have it in your house you can ask  them to buy it.

Mika:  I learned to type . I need iPad… Airplane [found an airport on the iPad.

Kai: International school, I see our school and I see Henry find a boy and girl.

Ophelai:  You can find every single thing in the whole world. I was going to do granny’s house and her name is Barbara. I tried her phone number.

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