Author of the month Nick Sharratt

We wondered whether the children would enjoy the works of   Nick Sharratt . His distinctive style of illustrations and his pop-up books would offer a new perspective on illustrating. Nick Sharratt has a series of books which are adaptations of fairy tales. We thought this would provide another provocation for our new writing unit on narrative fiction.

We gathered some of Nick Sharratt’s books to show the children. They were instantly captivated by the bold colours and interactive pop-up style of illustration. Before March started the children shared their thoughts about the books. The children readily agreed, Nick Sharrett should be our new author of the month.

We liked Nick’s advice on becoming an illustrator and artist. We feel it captures the essence of discussions we have with the children.

    • Look at the work of other artists.
    •  Try to draw from your own observations of the world, using your own imagination and ideas rather than copying someone else’s.
    • Try to complete your drawings.
    •  stick at it!

2 thoughts on “Author of the month Nick Sharratt

  1. I love Nick Sharratt, he has some lovely books, and has paired up with other great authors to illustrate their books! Couldn’t name a fave, but would be excited to see the class ones.

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