Provocation, Kindergarteners are too young to have their own blogs.

IMG_9935The resounding response from the children, we are not too young! The documentation highlights the year long learning journey to developed the children’s understanding of digital and social citizenship.

We use social media tools as the class blog, Twitter and Instagram  to document and share our learning. We also use You Tube as a whole class to safely explore working online and supporting children to make decisions about what they watch and how to share online.

KP personal blog essential agreements and reasoning.

  • Stay on the blog.

Don’t buy stuff on the app store or watch videoes with bad words, or videoes that goes to other YouTube videoes at the end of the video.

  • Keep your blog and password safe.

Don’t put your password on the blog, or they can go on the blog. Zoe has security [teacher moderates all posts and comments.]

  • Your things are for the blog, if you want someones things, ask them.

Like Nick Sharatt books are copyrighted, they are Nick Sharratt’s. Ask people if you want to use their things. You can’t take it and change it and say it is yours.

  • Put things on the blog which are special to you.

Learning, origami, writing and Minecraft [see list below, What would you put on your blog.]

  • Blogs have nice words and comments should make us happy and comfortable.

Zoe is security, like the trap door in Minecraft. It stops the bad stuff and lets the good stuff through. Be nice. It should be comfortable to you.


IMG_9913Do you think you would like your own blog? What would you put on your blog?

Takafumi: We can share pictures with Amelia when she goes away on Holiday.

Amelia: We can share with our mums and dads.

Elly-Grace: Share with family and neighbours.

Ophelia: Videoes of what you have been doing and discovering.

Amelia: Writer’s workshop published books.

Henry: Take pictures of what you make and then when it is finished [process]

Mari: Colour design [artwork]

Mihajlo: House design

Henry: Video of making things.

Ophelia: Take a picture, build, take a picture, build and finish.

Henry: Beebot, show your map video of how to go to. Write code and show the map and they figure it out and do it with their Beebot. [buddy classes in other countries]

Ophelia: Video of being the power saver , so you don’t forget.

Who is the blog for?IMG_9920

Us, everyone in the entire world.

Who can comment on your blog?

Everyone on the planet.


Why should you have a blog?

Kindergarten kids are too young to blog.

Takafumi: You might make a mistake and send it to not good people.

Ophelia: Put a password on it.

Henry: My dad said I can’t have a password until I am 18.

Takafumi: People might know your password.

Kai: You show it [people might see it].

Elly-Grace: You will get dots [password protection]

Mari: My dad’s password is dots.

Kai: Can we tell our mum and dad our password?

Ophelia: They need to promise to write nothing on our blog. They should write nice things.

Kai: I can’t spell things.

Mari: How to do it, maybe.

Henry: I don’t want to show all the pictures I do.


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  1. Congratulations KP you have really been thinking very carefully about your blog, respecting other people, posting positive and fun things to share with others that will help them to learn and understand what you are doing! yeah!

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