The children’s opinons on spelling conventions for their blogs.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 3.29.43 PMWe sought the children’s opinion about how words should be spelt on their personal blogs. When we send emails, tweets and publish books we use conventional spelling. Some children had slight reservations about blogging because they can’t spell “all the words”.
We asked the children. What is your opinion about how we should  spell words  on your blogs?
TA: Well if its your goal,  so you won’t get it right all the time because it is your goal. That means it is a little bit hard [moves hands up to show a step]. If you can do it, then you shouldn’t get that wrong because you know it, but your goal is what you are trying to do.
EG Well it’s your opinion so if you get some writing a little bit wrong it is fine.

AM If you are very good at writing and you get every day word right and then you can’t do it.  It might be a sight word.

EM If you don’t know the word, then do what you think,  because it is is not some others persons problem. Just do what you think.

HM You don’t want other people to put stuff on [your blog],  so really it is about your opinion, if what you like. So I like my house, it is up to me so I might put it on. Its your things and you like them so it is your opinion.

TA So it is the way you write, so if you can not write it and you try to spell it out, it’s your opinion.

KH Think, and then do writing.
OPH If you don’t know how to spell a word just spell it your way. It doesn’t have to be the right way. There is a right way, but you can do it your way.
MO Is Ok do the sound.
MA I agree with Mari.

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