When authors meet.

13935160022_f342baf795_zThe children are rightfully proud of their published works and  were very interested to meet another author. We were very lucky to have a school visit from Rosemary Wells – author and illustrator .

The children decided to share their books with Rosemary Wells. They had many questions for a fellow authour.

Ophelia: Can you tell us how you made your characters. Where do you get your ideas from?

Takafumi: Why did you make the Yoko book?

Kai: Why do your books have many pages and many words?

Henry: Why do you keep drawing Yoko (cat characters)?

Kai: How many books are in your house?

Daniel: How many books that you made did you read?

Mihajlo: Are you an authour?

Takafumi: Do you have someone to edit your work?

Takafumi: Who is the best authour you know?

Mari: Why cats? (why do you always draw cats). Why do they wear different clothes?

Kai: Why you put T.shirt on cat? (clothes on cats)

Henry and Mika: Why don’t they have bottoms? (clothes on their legs).

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