Do you think it is a good idea to have a sleepover in Kindergarten?

We asked the children whether they would like to have a sleepover at school. This would be a celebration of  the children’s learning journey this year. I showed the children a video of the sleepover from last year. This started a lively debate amongst the children and we decided to make a T.Chart,  documenting  all the good and bad things about a sleepover.

Good things

  • You get to hangout with friends.
  • You get the school to yourself.
  • You get to play in the playground with torches.
  • Let get to shine torches on people in the dark.
  • You get to sleep late and wake up fast.
  • I whole school will belong to us.
  • You get sleep together.

Bad thing

  • You won’t have your mama.
  • You won’t have your daddy.
  • You won’t have the things form your house.
  • You might be afraid.
  • You might want to sleep alone and then change your mind and no one wants to sleep by you.
  • What shall we do if there is an earthquake. or fire.
  • You can’t have electronic devices.

Questions that arose from this discussion.

We made a table  to show whether people wanted to have a sleepover at school.

  1. Can you bring books? Can you bring books that are not in the English language?
  2. Can you bring electronic devices?
  3. Can we watch videos?
  4. Can we play UNO?
  5. Do you need money?
  6. Can we buy things from the cafeteria?
  7. Can we buy form the cafeteria and not cook things?








As we discussed the sleepover some children changed their minds about attending. They talked with parents and  other children offered support. Mari and Mika have changed their minds from no to yes. Ophelia and Takafumi are undecided because they want electronic devices. Kai is not sure he can sleep without his mum. The children have told him he can sleep with them. The chidlren have started to make cardboard sleeping boxes and redesigning the room into sleeping areas.

Updated chart

The children’s major concern was not having access to their electronic toys. They are debating whether they should have them for the sleepover. The children will be planning this event and problem-solving any issues. The first thing they wanted to resolve was what food they would eat. I am curious to learn what food they will choose and they they propose to buy and cook it.


One thought on “Do you think it is a good idea to have a sleepover in Kindergarten?

  1. How exciting to see how the children are discussing their ideas and thoughts on the Kindy sleep over. I wonder if they have thought about how much their families would miss them too… I am sure that they would love to have one night without digital devices… goodness me. I know that some of our teddies would love a sleep over at the school – think of all the mischief they could get up to in the darkness. And they could meet everyone else’s teddy bears! Keep up the good sharing.

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