Learning round the world, hello to our new friends.

We use social media such as Twitter to connect with family and friends around the world.  The blog also  connects us with other school, this enriches our understanding of  the world. The children  are learning how to communicate with others. They use video, photographs and tweets to share their learning with others.

We have several special friends.

Kingfisher Class in  England

Kinder Pals in Canada

We have just started to communicate with a Grade One class in America. They sent us a video and some questions. The children decided to make their own video and send their own questions.

    • Which city are you in?
    • What kind of Maths learning are you doing?
    • Can you speak a little bit of Japanese?
    • Do you know other languages?
    • What transport do you use to get to school?
    • How many people in your class?
    • Do you like school?

I forgot to get Hamish and Mari to say something. The children said I should have used our power saver list!

One thought on “Learning round the world, hello to our new friends.

  1. We loved your video! We saw many things that are similar to our classroom and some things that are different. We have answers to your questions:

    – We live in Newtown Square
    – We are learning to count from 10-20 and how to count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.
    – No, we do not speak any Japanese. Could you teach us some words?
    – At school, we speak English and Spanish. Other languages that some of us speak at home are: Chinese, French, Korean, and a little German and a few words of Greek.
    – We can come to school in a car, a bus, or by walking.
    – There are 17 students in our class.
    – We like school because we do fun things and learn a lot and because we like to read and you get to do math. We also like school because it’s fun and we have a really good teacher.

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