Service learning and our Maths Curriculum in partnership

photo-1There is lots of Maths in helping others.

The children have been applying their understanding of number through their service learning. The children want to support the homeless people by making them food. This requires the application of mathematical thinking.




The children decided to make an arcade and charge their parents to play the games. They had to work out how much to charge for tickets. This helped them learn about reasonable amounts of money to charge for things. It should their understanding of  large numbers.

The children have also been carrying out jobs at home, 10 jobs for 10 yen. This will help children count in 10’s. Then count in 100’s. The children have put all this money in a jar and the video below shows the children’s estimates and their methods for counting large sums accurately.

The next step will be to bring in rice from home and weigh it, this will help the children develop their sense concept of weight and  weighing in standard units.

Heidi brought in some rice. The children wanted to work out how much was in the bag. Was it 2kg? They decided it couldn’t be because the bag wasn’t full. This lead to an authentic mathematical conversation about fractions.

One thought on “Service learning and our Maths Curriculum in partnership

  1. Good estimates! I thought there would be 1200yen. Maybe next time you could count the money cooperating together. How much was the money?

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