Our learning community reaches round the world

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 8.07.04 AMOur friends in America, (Jenn’s class) sent us a video they made to show how they celebrate. They made it using Google Glass. Here is a picture of the glass. We have already made videos for each other.

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IMG_3601 IMG_3613Before the holiday the children sent New year cards to their Twitter buddy class in Canada, America and England. The class in England sent us a card each, a story, a train map and some homemade worksheet games to play. This is our thank you video. KinderPals, in Canada sent us Valentine cards, the children sent thank you tweets and pictures.

The children choose to share their learning with their buddy classes. The other classes ask the children questions and offer feedback on their learning. The children have a desire to share with others beyond the wall of their classroom. They have a sense of being a community of learners they can reach out to. When Troy left to go to America for a semester the children tweeted him and sent him pictures of what was happening in the class.

Kingfisher class sent us a tweet with a list of questions and we responded on their class blog.

KinderPals would like use to make Lego castles.

Developing our Maths curriculum through Twitter.

The children have been sending Kingfisher class pictures of their shapes and designs. Kingfisher class sent us a puzzle to solve.

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