Service learning One School, Grade 1 to Grade 12

This is an example of a service learning initiative that started in high school and has authentically connected to  Grade One. The children observed homeless people in the park and on a field trip and often made reference to them. As teachers we always seek authentic opportunities to engage with our curriculum, this is an example of being driven by children’s passions and interests

The children had an opportunity to meet with Melanie, Grade 12,  to discuss any questions about the Chiku Centre and onigiri making. At this stage the children have about 31kg of rice and two jars full of coins (from doing jobs at home and the cardboard arcade) to help fund the onigiri making.

Onigiri making will take place on Friday 6th March from 8am, all parents are welcome to join us for this service learning opportunity. Thank you for your support. Thank you to Melanie for all the help and advice she has given the teachers and children.


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