From helpers to leaders, Grade 1 to Grade 12, parents, grandma and teachers too!

There was no them and us, no adults and children. This was one YIS community coming together to support others. Jun, from the canteen called this an Onigiri Matsuri (onigiri party). We agree, this was a celebration of the essence of YIS, one community committed to each other and ready to extend our support to our wider world.

Empowering young children to become leaders and act on the behalf of others.

It has been a month since the Grade One students shyly entered the canteen to watch the Grade 12 students make onigiri for the homeless shelter. They quickly became a hard working component of the team.

From this gentle beginning the children have taken on the challenge of being responsible for the ongiri making, supported by Melanie in Grade 12. They have brought in 45kg of rice from home, carried out jobs and made a market/arcade to raise money for onigiri. The children have transitioned from helpers to leaders. They have a real sense of the cost of food and the expense incurred in feeding people.

At 8am the canteen was already filling up with high school students, Grade one children and their families. Stemming rice was being fanned, flavoring was added and teams were formed. Each onigiri was wrapped and a sticker added. The children wanted the homeless people to know people cared about them.

We hope that this short video helps convey the spirit of the event.

One thought on “From helpers to leaders, Grade 1 to Grade 12, parents, grandma and teachers too!

  1. So great to see – thanks everyone who made this happen – so sorry I was not there to be part of it!


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