Spending the money we raised on what people really need.

IMG_3982We had a long conversation about the need to ask what people really need, and to make sure our money is used wisely.

We had thought we would need to go to Homes to buy some food for the onigiri making. The excellent news was that 1S managed to buy most of the things with their money. We gave Mrs Weekes 2,000 yen for a massive can of tuna, she brought on Amazon. This meant we had 11,000 yen left.

We thought we could buy some soap for the homeless people, but the school already had 150 bars of soap, Seira from the Chiku centre group said we can take some of their soap for our new project.

What could we use our money for?  Mrs Weekes contacted the Sanagitachi centre,  they told use people really need wash towels. With this in mind we set off to buy some. The children asked the cashier where we could find the towels.

There were so many, which ones would we buy? The children had many IMG_3988reasons for their choices. We could buy lots of cheap ones and help lots of people, but these are not good quality. We could buy the hotel type, but these a were expensive, but it would be nice for people. Would they take along time to dry? Some are white and that is not a good color, it gets dirty.

The general consensus was that we buy medium and high quality towels, so people could have nice things. The children asked the lady working in this section what her opinion was. She suggested micro-fibre towels.  Leela suggested we take some of each kind, we thought this would be best

The children worked out the cost of six packs of towels and then everyone made a choice and carried it to the cashier. The children politely asked for no plastic bags, as we had seen some in the canal and remembered how turtles eat them and die. The towels were placed into backpacks and carried back to school. On the way back we stopped to collect some toad spawn, but that’s another story…


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