Our friend the park as a stimulus for sketching.

We have been developing the skill of representing our observation of our world as a sketch. This is very challenging. We wondered whether the children would be able to interact with the park through the sense of seeing. We also wondered whether the children could take their physical appreciation of this space in 3 dimensions and represent it in a 2 dimensional sketch.

The children were happy to sit in the autumn sun and draw their representations of the park. They noted the challenge of sitting still and focusing on one thing. As adults we released it it very important to make a physical connection with the park, by running, playing and touching before they sit with a sketch book. We all agreed this was something we wanted to do again.

If we have a prolonged absence from our friend the park the children begin to miss this relationship. The children have noticed the change in seasons and asked to revisit the park. Time was given to rejoice in the space, run and laugh. Then the children moved closer, touching the buds and new leaves. Only after these physical connections were reestablished  did the children sit and represent their observations as a sketch.

Sometimes it is a little to wet to sit and sketch, but we can still appreciate the park.

Revisiting Our Friend The Park In Springtime by Ms Connie

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