G1 Sleepover, Buying the Food.

The children collected all the data about how much food would be needed for the sleep over. We made this into shopping lists and set out to the supermarket. On the way the Shunye pulled out a plastic bag and started to collecting the rubbish, other children joined in. We were reminded that learning is an ongoing process. The children referenced their rubbish collecting from November. Next we stopped to look at the ocean and saw an egret and a jelly fish. The children also noted the rubbish in the water. They tutted loudly and shook their heads.

The children put themselves into two groups and we set off to buy the food. They were price sensitive, picking out the cheapest jam and working out the best way to get the number of cheese and ham slices they needed. They also read all the signs in Japanese so we knew where to go.

The children paid for their food and placed all their items in school bags, not plastic bags, because as they pointed out they go into the sea and animals eat them. They set off back up the big hill. Takafumi and Heidi carried two particularly large water melons.

The children unpacked and lay down to recover from all their efforts.

The Trip To Homes to Buy Our Sleepover Food

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