Grade One poets decide how to share their poetry, includes a poetry reading!

DSC_2262The day finally arrived. Monna came to our class. The mutual love and poetry was apparent as these poets shared their thinking. The children each read to Monna and she in turn shared some ideas on how to publish and share poetry. It quickly became apparent that the children had their own ideas and added them to Monna’s.

How poets could share their work with others

  1. We can use Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and the blog.
  2. We could set up a table or something and give away free poems.
  3. We could put all our ideas together in an anthology.
  4. We could have a book of poetry.
  5. Read poems to people, have a poetry reading.
  6. Write poetry on the playground in chalk.
  7. Have a poet laureate of the day who will share their own work, or those of others.

Hide poems in books in the library and others could find them.

This idea exploded, grew and within minutes it came to life. The children jumped up and started copying their poems. They put a note on the poem saying, “It is for you to keep.”  “If you find it, it is for you to keep forever.” This arose after we discussed how people would know the poem was for them. They thought they may put a sticker onto the poem. The first poems have been hidden…

Our first poetry sharing via You Tube


One thought on “Grade One poets decide how to share their poetry, includes a poetry reading!

  1. You can just see how proud the kids feel about their poems while they read them. They are very creative, I love the way they can describe and put color to their words. This post put a BIG smile on my face 🙂

    This project is turning out so beautiful to our family 🙂


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