I want to share it with you, family traditions.

IMG_0017Isa and Olivia wanted to share pumpkin carving with us because it is an important family tradition. We are very grateful for the donations of the two large pumpkins, so all the Grade One classes could join in. We spent a week looking at it. The children had many ideas of how to decorate the pumpkin.



  • Write a poem on it.
  • Make it into a witch.
  • Make bat wings.
  • Draw on it.
  • Add antlers.
  • Carve it.



With trepidation and the experts at her side Zoe started the carving.  The IMG_0015children were  very helpful. It was Zoe’s first pumpkin carving and the children were great guides and full of affirming comments. Ms Connie carved the mouth. The seeds were scooped and cleaned by the children, who want to use them for art and growing.

2 thoughts on “I want to share it with you, family traditions.

  1. So fun! There is always a ” first time”! how awesome the kids guided the project.

    I wonder what other pumpking traditions other families might have. . . In Mexico we cook it down with spices, brown sugar, add a bit of milk and eat it warm for breakfast.

    Congratulations everyone! You did a great carving job! Bravo!


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