G1&2 model learner to leader, gingerbread houses.

IMG_6524Angela Coutts (Hamish’s mum) and Alyx Moss (Henry’s mum) started a tradition of making gingerbread houses for the party held for the orphans at YIS. We wanted to move the children from passively asking for money for presents to actually doing something. The children made them in Kindergarten and Grade 1. This year we proposed the Grade 2’s became active leaders in this project.

Some Grade 2 children came and spoke about their experience. They remembered making something for others and the happy feeling it gave them. They spoke of the respect that was needed, and not eating any sweets for themselves.

On Friday the 4th December the children will make the gingerbread houses together. The Grade 2’s have become leaders and Grade 1 students are excited to be part of this.

We wonder if this connection will continue next year? Will the children in Grade 1 ask to led this service for others?

Ginger bread houses for the orphanage on PhotoPeach

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