Analysis in Grade One, similarities and differences between orphans and homeless people in Japan.

IMG_6642The children have been involved in many meetings. They were asked to be part of the gingerbread house making which Grade Two are leading. They had a meeting with Mohima about homelessness in Japan and their ideas for supporting others. They also had a meeting with Tomoko and Leah about the YIS party and present giving for the orphans.

It became clear that the children were trying to process all these ideas. They had questions which showed they were trying to form connections between both groups of people in our local community.

Do the orphans have a home?

Do orphans have food?

Why don’t orphans have mums and dads.

Do homeless people have children?

Do homeless people have families?

Do orphans have money?

An opportunity to explore the mathematical tool of Venn diagrams.

The children came into the room after their break. “Oh good!  we going to have a Maths talk!” We drew a Venn diagram on the board and asked them to share their thinking about what they saw.

  • It was circles
  • It was connected
  • It looked like eyes or a bottom
  • It is like 2 groups for our food fair, the BBQ group and the Indian group. Each person picks the one they want. If you want both you go in the middle.

We proposed using this tool to help analyze what we knew about the homeless and orphans. The children agreed it would be good to share their thinking. Two sets of sticky notes were placed on two tables and the children wrote down anything they knew about homeless and orphans.

IMG_6645We took all the post it notes and placed them in an organized manner onto the Venn diagram, explicitly noting that similar items were placed together, for example, 9 children wrote homeless people had no home. It  became clear there were some overlaps:

  • Lonely
  • No money
  • No family to live with

We are glad we took the time to check-in on children’s  understanding of groups of people we want to support. We wonder how the Venn diagram will be used by the children as they move forward with their service learning initiative to make 600 onigiri? Will their focus stay on the homeless?

From Local to Global, perspectives of orphans in Grade One.IMG_6643

When the children worked together to develop a Venn diagram about the homeless and orphans in Japan, it became apparent the children had a global perspective about orphans. The children thought orphans would have to go through rubbish for food, have no blankets and have no education. We wondered where the children had develop a global perspective on this issue. Some children said they had seen these children as they traveled. Other children had seen photographs and TV programs.


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