When Grade One were told if you want to help people you will need to raise the money and make the food.

The children have become aware of issues around homelessness. They have learned with the high school students that the Chiku Centre supports homeless people, by giving them food. The children want to make 600 onigiri to feed the homeless, but were told they needed to pay for this themselves.  Their initial idea was that the school and parents would pay.  The children wanted to make a mini food fair, like the one we had at school.

We showed the children Caine’s arcade. As the video stopped the children sat open mouthed and wide eyed. It took seconds before someone said they could do this. The children jumped up and set about designing arcade games.

Developing the arcade the academics

This has provided opportunities for problem solving, shape inquiry, development of number concepts, addition and subtraction and measuring.

Thinking skills:

Application of their knowledge of number and shapes to design new things.

Dialectical thinking, such involves thinking about something from someone elses perspective. Would someone play this game?

Social Skills

Respecting others as they shared resources and critiqued others games. How will we decide the name of the arcade? How will we decide the kinds of tickets people can buy?

Communication Skills

Speaking and listening as they share ideas and explain their thinking. How will points and prizes be rewarded between games?

We will share another post about the mathematics of this project!

From making to testing the arcade

Making the cardboard arcade 2015 on PhotoPeach

Grade 5 learning buddies test the arcade

Parents play the arcade – 500 Yen for a fun pass 20,800 Yen raised. Sincere thanks to all the parents, we know you had fun!

Mr Lemery’s incredible photographs please take a look LINK

Parents play the cardboard arcade on PhotoPeach

Kindergarten play the arcade and pay in uncooked rice, which will be used to make the onigiri.

The Grade One students went and explained their ideas to the kindergarten and Grade 2’s

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.04.37 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.04.54 AM






Grade 2 play the arcade for rice

The children are now pondering how to maximize their money to help the most people. The mathematics of helping others continues. How much rice do we have? How much do we need?

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  1. Lot of hard work , thoughts and soul in the project ….. Everything put in together and the rewarding learning too.

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