My toes are shivering! Collecting toad spawn

On a glorious warm Friday morning we set off for the park. It was our third trip that week. The change in season and the emergence of the toads has been a great inspiration to the children. On Friday we decided to collect toad spawn, after we research how to look after it.

Initially the children looked into the stream (it is a concrete stream) and tried to get the spawn. We suggested taking their shoes and socks off. The sensation of running cold water thrilled the children. They readily scooped up the toad spawn and squealed with delight. Then a quieter tone ensued as they carefully managed the slippy toad spawn.

The task was complete but the children spent more time exploring and climbing. We noted the children who were really frightened of climbing on our field trip have already become far more capable and adventurous. There is no substitute for being in nature, learning by touching, smelling and sensing the world around us. Though as Owen said the water was cold and his toes were shivering!

Gathering Spawns For The Life Cycle Inquiry By Ms Connie

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