How do you communicate with people who aren’t in your space?

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.53.46 AMWe have been posing questions around the use of technology. We are curious to know what devices and software the children use.

What is hardware?

The general consensus was it is furniture like tables and chairs. Then they said it was…


  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • Tablet


  • Computer
  • T.V
  • Mouse
  • Mini phone
  • Cables
  • Mini pad iPad mini
  • iPad

What is software?

The general consensus was cushions and pillows!


Spider man, Candy Crush, Minecraft, internet, Lego creator, You Tube, Create World, Apps, Pacman, Castle Craft, Google, Joy Ride, App store, wifi, settings, Salon game, My Talking Angel, NinjaGo, Mario, Soda Crush, Crossy road, Star Wars Lego, Angry Birds, Racing Car, Plants Vs Zombies, Sonic Bash

Which apps or programs do you use to communicate with people not in your space?

What is communicating?

The children said this was talking, writing and taking pictures. They decided it wasn’t playing multiplayer games if you couldn’t message. They said you can’t see peoples faces, and in MineCraft the faces stay the same and you can’t know what they are feeling.

Talking tools

Skype, Face Time, phone message, talking on a phone

Writing tools

Texting, Mine Craft, Lego Jurrasic World (can choose a message at the end of the game), Balloon Battles, RaynMan (sometimes), We Chat, email, Twitter



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2 thoughts on “How do you communicate with people who aren’t in your space?

  1. These responses are very interesting.

    In my time . . . Under writing tools I would only have given answers such as: pen, pencil, colors, crayons. . .


  2. Very interesting. Im relieved that the children think that knowing how others feel and seeing others expressions are also important for communicating.

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