How the world works, videos to support learning.

We have started our new unit entitled, “All living things go through a process of change.” These videos will help you and your children explore the approaches to learning and attitudes we will be developing. We have also included definitions in child friendly language.

YouTube playlist from EAL Jenn Lemery (Living things)

Approaches to Learning

Thinking skills:

  • Analysis – I can find out how things are the same or different.


Social Skills:

  • Accepting responsibilityI will do things by self without people telling me to.


Communication Skills:


  • Viewing – I can learn by looking at things. I can think about the words and pictures people


Research Skills:

    • Formulating questions– Identifying something one wants or needs to know and asking compelling and relevant questions that can be researched.
    • Observing– Using all the senses to notice relevant details.
    • Collecting data– Gathering information from a variety of first- and second-hand sources such as maps, surveys, direct observation, books, films, people, museums and ICT.
    • Recording data – I will use drawing, writing, blogging, tally charts and other things to share what I found out.


    • Commitment


  • Cooperation – 

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