Sharing Learning, when parents are the students.

The class was tided and beautiful, the children had considered where to put activities, carefully placing signs for parents to read. Cloth was draped over tables, cushions were placed in comfortable arrangements. No detail was too small. The room was ready for student led conferences. The class filled with the gentle sound of conversation and laughter.  Children quickly moved parents to different areas.

Children delighted in their expertise and parents noted their children’s skills as guides and teachers. A dialogue of mutual respect was apparent as parents and children worked together, each sharing their expertise. Then there were the conversations I couldn’t understand, the Japanese,Mandarin, Korean and others. Respect and joy in these shared engagements was apparent.

The experience is best conveyed through video, enjoy revisiting this special celebration of learning.

Owen, Chen-Yan, Daniel, Alex and Lucas

Lucas and Alex

Isa, Andrew and Ian

Noah, Vivi and Reina

Kei and Yukei



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