Food lists for the sleepover.

The children made their first list of food for the sleepover, it included steak, pancakes, curry and chocolate fountains. Reia asked who would cook the food for us. We informed the children they had to make all the food themselves. Isa sunk her head into her hands and laughed, “It’s going to be a disaster!” The lists were modified. The general consensus was a “Sunset Snack” would be needed. We suggested a cold watermelon, everyone agreed this sounded delicious.

The list is long and includes sandwiches and onigiri snacks for the park. It was interesting that the children make a connection back to their service learning food, onigiri.  The food for dinner is pizza and breakfast is fruit, cereal and nutella sandwiches (Owen said his brother got to eat this at his sleepover in kindergarten).

These lists have already provided many authentic links to our taught curriculum, from writing lists, organizing data and explaining their thinking to others.

The next stage will be calculating how much food we need. Lots of mathematical commutation here.

How much milk is used per serving of cereal?

How many slices of bread will people eat for park snack?

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