Sleep over, making it count.

The children took all their food for the sleepover data and brought it together. We discussed the importance of getting the amounts right. This is real food for a real event. The children agreed, they didn’t want to be hungry. The tally charts the children made were very accurate.

A new issue arose…

We know how many slices of pizza we need, but how many pizza is it in total. Everyone turned their number of pizza slices into cubes. The children sat in a circle, the first person said their number of slices and passed it on to the next person. “I want 3 slices.” “3 and 2 is 5” “5 and 4 is 9” . When  they got the 12 they knew they had a whole pizza. The next issue which arose was what to do then you have 6 slices left. The children worked out it was 1/2 a pizza. Real world maths… you can’t buy 1/2 a pizza.

Thank you to Ms Connie for her photostory about collecting the data.

1P Planning for the Sleepover Day! By Ms Connie

One thought on “Sleep over, making it count.

  1. Hi Gr1,
    You have been mathematicians working out this real world problem of having enough pizzas to eat as your sleep over. I wonder how many pizzas did you decide you will buy for Gr1’s sleep over?
    Ms. Catasti

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