Sleepover is here!

Sleepover day! The children bounced into the room. There weren’t so many parents around as the children quickly waved them goodbye. The bags were taken to the loft and the children took themselves to assembly. After assembly the children made their own sandwiches and onigiri. A group of children prepared fresh fruit salad for breakfast, it smells amazing. The classroom have had a very thorough “Friday Tidy”. The rain has stopped and we are ready for sleepover. We will share photo’s and video on Monday.

Sleepover begins on PhotoPeach

6 thoughts on “Sleepover is here!

  1. I am so excited for all of them. I still remember my school sleepover when I was little and it was such an adventure.

    Thrilled to have little Isa enjoy this event with her school family.

    Thank you Miss Zoe and Miss Connie for all you do, amazing!



  2. Have fun everyone! See you tomorrow! Thanks so much Zoe and Connie for organising such an exciting and fun thing for all the children.

  3. So exciting! I insisted Ian take his teddy, but he said “no! it will get killed by the boys! ”
    I remember my first school sleepover, I cried for my mommy at bedtime, even though my older sister was there to chaperone, hope they all are stronger than I was! šŸ˜‰

  4. Thank you Ms Zoe n Ms Connie for giving them opportunity to spend a whole one day at school ( out of their nest) . Kids were excited and I am sure they have super sleepover. I can’t wait to hear the beautiful experience.

  5. Thank you very much to Ms Zoe, Ms Connie and who supported the sleep over event.
    She learned that she is fine to stay away from the family and she even said that she did not miss us…
    To everyone,
    I’m really sorry that Lime made big snores!

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