Sleepover shopping trip

The children formed groups and started crossing things off on their shopping list. The had calculated how much bread they needed and how much juice to buy. The children found all the items themselves, paid for them and packed their bags. They walked all the way up the steep steps back to school. We are ready for the sleepover. The children have everything they need to make their own food.

1P Shopped At HOMES For Sleepover Day! on PhotoPeach by Ms Connie

One thought on “Sleepover shopping trip

  1. Phew! Taking one kid to the supermarket is brain damaging, taking a classfull?! How do you do it Zoe… The children look so responsible and GOOD, made the sleep over more exciting. Ian was so proud he helped carry the groceries back to school (which he does not do when he shops with me), and bragged about it all that night.

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