It doesn’t work! Real world maths, bread for the sleepover.

The children’s tally charts for the amount of bread we need for the sleepover was very accurate. They added up the slices of bread needed for sandwiches and breakfast (13 and 19). There were multiple methods for adding these numbers, many children made use of number bonds to 1o and their knowledge of working in 10’s.

The next issue was working out how many loaves of bread were needed. Each package has 8 slices and we need 34 slices…

As you can see from the video the children came up with many ways of solving the problem. It proved relatively easy to split the bread into groups of 8. The real issue came with solving the problem of the 2 extra slices. This is real world problem solving.

Listen out for the solutions. (I didn’t capture Lime saying ask people to change their minds.)

One thought on “It doesn’t work! Real world maths, bread for the sleepover.

  1. Amazing! Each answer was brilliant! I love to see how their brains start working working working to solve the problems!

    Thank you for making these videos that are priceless.


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