Make more! When children connect to the class blog.

The children enjoyed viewing the class blog and were amazed to read that 221 people had looked at their blog in August.  They were intrigued by the idea that “everyone in the world” could see them and share their learning. The children requested that we share more pictures of them. We wonder when they will ask to document and share their own learning.

1P’s First Day of School! By Ms Connie

2 thoughts on “Make more! When children connect to the class blog.

  1. Wow! 221 views for your first week at school. That is phenomenal! Do you have a goal of how many more people you would like to reach? 500? 1,000? 2,000? How high can you go?

  2. I love seeing how you were all trying to find solutions to things and were cooperating with each other! Team work is the best! Have an amazing first full week of Grade 1!

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