I can’t wait! Time to share our Seesaw Learning Journal.

cropped-IMG_7571-tq8grk.jpgThe children were very excited their Learning Journal was being shared with their parents.


As the children pointed out, some parents have seen their Seesaw Learning Journal on the iPad… because they couldn’t wait!

Children’s reflections

Devano: You can look at other peoples and be inspired by them

Aoi: If you learn something, you can teach other people and then everyone can say it. It is good for showing learning.

Ken: You can keep it in your brain and then you can see it on Seesaw and share it.

Erik: You can put the learning on it. Lots of learning.

Jesse: It is good… you use it for if you do learning you can put it in the Seesaw.

Chloe: It can use more things like, so for example, you can show your writing and draw on it.

Sophie: It can record your voice and if you do it on paper, it can’t do that.

Hayato: Seesaw is good because it can use more like, you can see the pictures that you do. It helps learn how you draw or say.

Jimin: I think we lost [ we can’t remember]  the maths or writing you can go to Seesaw and see the writing. Mummy and daddy is see we are writing.

Vita: You get a video and you put it on Seesaw not just video. You can keep it, and video doesn’t learn. Seesaw learn.

Diego: You can do all the learning that you do. You use photo or video. You can do videos of learning.

Owen: It is good because a portfolio [paper] can’t hold much stuff but Seesaw can. Paper you would have to cut down a whole tree for learning. Seesaw is an iPad and doesn’t take a tree, so it is better.

Parent Comments taken from the Seesaw feed

I am so proud of you! I really liked to learn more about you Learning Wall. My favorite part of the video is when you say: ” Learning is something new that goes into my brain”. I really like your video. I love you!

I really enjoyed your story. You describe very good and clearly with the pictures. I love your drawings.

I really like the way you talk, you speak slowly and clearly, you even make eye contact with your listeners. Your book also shows how much you have improved in such a short period of time. Great job!



One thought on “I can’t wait! Time to share our Seesaw Learning Journal.

  1. Dear 1P,

    Such lovely comments about your Learning Journals. I really love the way you all can express so clearly why this is a great tool to help us learn.

    I had a chance to talk to some of your parents today and they were so excited about seeing your work in Seesaw.

    Keep up the great work!

    Mr B

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