It’s not about us. Creating a celebration of learning for parents.

Today the canteen was a buzz of respectful productivity, children and parents working as one. It took a lot of trust to help watch the children use sharp knives and design sandwiches.  This was a “YIS moment”, learning together.

The children have spent a long time thinking of what to make for their parents. What would they like to eat? The children made a list, collected data and recorded it on graphs. They decided on:


Fruit kebabs



The children are rightfully proud of their onigiri making. After making 400 for the homeless of Yokohama, it was easy to make a few for their parents. As the parents noted, the children are proud of their skills.

Whilst the children were very independent, this couldn’t have happened without all the love and logistical support we receive from parents. We thank you.

You can also find this video on your child’s Seesaw feed.

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