“Make a donation, that means the money is not for us.” Making an arcade to help feed the homeless.

The children spent along time deciding how to raise the money needed to make onigiri for the homeless. As leaders they decided upon a cardboard arcade. After lots of thinking, designing and redesigning it is ready. The children invited their parents to come and play. There were donation boxes outside the room explaining what the money will be used for. As the children noted, we need to use the word donation because then people know it is not for us. The money is to make food for the homeless people. The chidlren are very committed to helping others.

To all who came to play the arcade, thank you! We raised…. 32,178 yen! THANK YOU


The arcade. You can aslos hear your child talking about their game on their Learning Journal (Seesaw)

Thank you Ms Connie for the pictures

The Making of The Arcade on PhotoPeach

An Arcade For A Cause on PhotoPeach

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