We are leaders not bosses. Organizing onigiri making for the homeless.

The children started to discuss their role as the organizers for the onigiri making for the homeless. They started to talk about ‘boss’ and ‘leader’. The conversation is recorded below. In summary the children equate ‘boss’ with ‘bossy’, someone who tells others what to do. They see themselves as leaders. These are people who do the work, ask questions to see how people are doing and are kind to others. We discussed that when organizing others you can decide the style you use. The children thought they were leaders today as they worked with others and were kind when they told people what needed to be done.

Finally we pointed out that leaders often take the time to say thank you to people. We also discussed that it is good to say why you are thanking people. The children decided to say thank you to Ms Connie for washing up by talking to her. They sent an email to the high school students thanking them for helping and coming to school early. They made a card and origami for Chef Darren for making the rice at 6.00am. They will thank their parents in person for taking the time to come and help.

We made 370 onigiri today and the children showed great leadership skills, from the careful weighing of 100g of rice, to organizing parents and cleaning up the area.

OUR SINCERE thanks for taking part today and most importantly standing back and letting the children lead.

Photo’s by Connie

“Being leader is difficult… it is trying hard with other people… then it is easier in the whole world.” Aoi

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  1. What a wonderful inquiry into the difference between bosses and leaders – very inspiring,Grade 1! Ms. Mason

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