Sustained Play Leads To … Is It Good Enough For You Tube?

A group of children have been exploring designing weaponry. The constructions have become increasingly complex in design. This lead to playing “good verses evil” themed role play. Whilst this looked noisy and full of movement it also offered opportunities to explore equity. The next stage of the play became more complex with stories being acted out. The children made a very wobbly film.

At this stage we moved from observing the play to offering suggestions. We showed them how the sequence Brain Frame they use to plan could be used as a Story Board. The children liked the idea of making a ‘proper film’ and spent their own time planning the scenes. Next props were made and filming occurred. Unfortunately the sound quality was not good, so the children enrolled a cameraman.

The film was rerecorded. The children started to discuss what to do with the film. Their highest accolade was the thought that it could go on You Tube. There were cries of,  “No way!”. You Tube seemed unattainable, but dreams can come true… with the help of Mr Broughton we moved the video from seesaw to You Tube.


One thought on “Sustained Play Leads To … Is It Good Enough For You Tube?

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing your movie about the tiger and the two huntsmen. I can see the great effort in making this story into a ‘proper’ movie. I wonder what story you could do as a movie next?

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