Let’s go to the pond!

Jesse’s mum told us the toads had come to the pond and were laying eggs.  When we went two weeks ago there was nothing. We  went to explore.

First we discussed our responsibility for taking living things from their natural environment. Everyone agreed to the commitment needed to look after them… but how do you look after them?


Thank you Connie for the pictures


The children have been researching… we have toads eggs. The children came up with lots of sources of information (thank you to Ms Katy for all the work she did with us in library sessions)

  • Pebblego, Siri, Google, safari, You Tube (internet sources)
  • Books from the library
  • Ask grown ups
  • Ask kids who have looked after toads before

We have been learning about citing our sources if we take information. You can see this if you come to  the class. Thank you to Jimin for writing the title of the book, the author and the page number.

This is a great start to our new Unit of Inquiry, “All living things go through a process of change.”

Check out this weeks weekly round up for more information and video resources.

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